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111O Immortality Beckons Us

111O Immortality Beckons Us

Jan 2, 2009

January 1, 2009, Lyno Sullivan

111O Immortality Beckons Us

Let us suppose that we created a business corporation designed to be immortal. What would that corporation look like? How would it operate? What would be its Mission and its Principles. Could our immortal creation preserve and present our creative works for thousand year? What would guarantee it.

. . . But Humans Are Mortal . . .

Every adult human knows that it will die someday. Some few among us die in the reigns of terror designed to kill innocents, in the wars designed to kill combatants, or in the plagues, famines, and natural disasters besetting regional populations of humans. In the civilized world, most of us die one at a time, in bed, under less strenuous circumstances. It’s no longer a secret, every human has to die, someday. And you will to. It’s life. For other humans are born every day, and the wheel of life rolls onward, into the future.

From those humans passing before us, what is it that we most desire? From most it is their continuing sentient life that we most desire. It is their story telling ability combined with their stories of our lives, well lived, that we crave. It is our family stories about where our ancestors came from. How our family came to this place we call home. We want to know when and how our family emigrated to this region we call home. We value the artifacts which are family heirlooms. We value the letters, writings, paintings, and works of art created by the generation preceding us.

Let us advance the clock one thousand years. What is it that our descended families most want to know about us, if anything at all? They will want to know the family stories associated with the family heirlooms they have received from us. Otherwise, they will want digital access to all of the family letters, papers, writings, photographs, audio recordings, films, and so forth, that we invested the time in preserving.

Let us roll the clock back to the present time. Knowing that our descendants will will want a digital copy of the family memorabilia, what must we do today to effect the outcome of bringing enough order into our lives so that we may begin to catalog our digital effects for our posterity. This is the closest we are likely to get to immortality in this lifetime so we better accept it and get on with capturing our creative works and cataloging them, so they are in shape for their pending immortality.

. . . Creative Works Live Forever . . .

How many of us, do you think, would want our own creative works to live forever?

. . . GUARANTEE, to Preserve . . .

Let us suppose there exists a place guaranteeing to hold onto our digital artifacts for one thousand years. Our children and grand-children receive the physical artifacts we acquire throughout our life. Excepting for those few family artifacts we ourselves acquired from our parents, grand parents, great grandparents, and who remembers how far back and how many miles an artifact has traveled on it journey into family heirloom status.

Let us suppose that we create some work preserved intact for one thousand years. Assuming humans living one thousand years from now find merit in what we created, would that be enough? Ten thousand years, then. Would not ten thousand years be a satisfactory enough immortality for our work? A million? How many years trigger our sense of having attained enough immortality from earth bound life.

. . . A New Business Model . . .

Let us further suppose that we created a business corporation designed to last forever more. What would that corporation look like? How would it operate? What would be its Mission and its Principles.

The Peace Engine™ is designed to last for as long as human civilization on a mass scale enjoys the benefits of a computerized society, or one thousand years, whichever is the less. The Peace Engine™ is now embodied within twin corporations, one domiciled in Montana and one domiciled in Minnesota.

Peace Engine™ is the theoretical framework within which every Peace Engine™ Corporation must operate. Certain of the Peace Engine™ Articles of Incorporation will sunset in one thousand years. Otherwise, the Articles dictate the manner of the construction of an immortal non-human being subjected to certain limitations–operational parameters–governance–so that the corporation shall operate in perpetuity in a manner of goodwill and mutual benefit among its forty-eight thousand human being owners.

. . . Definitions . . .

A corporation is an example of an immortal non-human being.

Every corporation has an Incorporator and an owner (mortal human or non-)

Humans can be the Incorporate of an immortal non-human being.

The Internet affords the Works of humanity a certain immortality.

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